Trinidad James

The chart-hitting rapper Trinidad James was born Nicholas Williams in Trinidad in 1987. Trinidad James spent his early years moving to Canada, New York and Florida before the family settled in Atlanta, Georgia. Williams was brought by his mother but has said that his early childhood is a blank to him. Claiming that a head injury means he can’t remember anything before the age of seven. Naming Jay Z and Young Jeezey as influences, Trinidad James began to rap in 2011.

Operating under his stage-name, Trinidad James debuted a mix-tape in July 2012 entitled, ‘Don’t Be S.A.F.E (Sensitive As F*** Everyday)’. The tape contained future hit ‘All Gold Everything’ and was re-released in October of the same year. The music video of ‘All Gold Everything’ proved popular on YouTube and propelled Trinidad James into the limelight. By February 2013 the video had attracted 7 miliion views on the internet channel.

The single peaked at number six in the US Billboard Rap Songs chart. In December 2012 Trinidad James signed a $2 million joint venture with Def Jam Records. A month later, in January 2013, ‘Don’t Be S.A.F.E.’ was released as a digital download to iTunes. The re-release included a remixed version of his hit track, including contributions from T.I, Young Jeezey and 2 Chainz.

However, James’ rapid rise to stardom came crashing down in August 2014, James when he was dropped from record label Def Jam. But his luck changed once again following the relase and huge success of Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown FUnk’, which was partly inspired by ‘All Gold Everything’. To date, James has netted thousands of dollars in royalties from the hit.  


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