Saba and No I.D. - hue_man nature

Yeah, damn
Damn I was going thru it, human nature
Damn niggas busy asking me for favors
Damn with a young Nia or Jada
If looks kill I'm with Moses in the manger
Damn pearly gates and familiar faces
Damn we ain't in the street but still adjacent
Never leave the team I'm like Damian

Drop flows rap capo
They hoped I'd never blow
Like I'm HIV
My girl oh she ball like
Her name Taurasi
Hotel with the big couch
This ain't the lobby
The mics I've touched, they might leave dust
Cuz after me ain't no boy gone wan' speak up
I need green like I'm Don Juan Bishop
For all the time that the blue and whites try kill us, yeah
I'm Phil Jack with the cracked system
Cashed in switch banks like Aunt Vivian
I was young and told myself I had to plan this one
Unironically nobody could see the vision
Different types of lifestyles you getting likes up
I'm getting breaded
It's not perfect but it suffices
I'm tryna eat like morbidly obese
Fuck a friend I need brands that send me shit for free

Damn I was going thru it didn't say shit
Damn you was busy asking me for favors
Damn young Lisa Bonet Sanaa Lathan
If looks kill shit she gotta be dangerous
Damn I put on the bros I'm like Damon
Damn I ain't industry but I'm adjacent
Yeah keep it 100 Wilt Chamberlain
Yeah never leave the team I'm like

Written by:
Tahj Malik Chandler, Ernest Wilson

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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Saba and No I.D.

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