ID 666 - Weak

I been on the low for some time now
In the deep end I didn't want you to find out
I hide in the weekend
The only good part of my week is when the week ends

I couldn't find the strength to speak then
The moment has passed, but I can't keep it in
You're the reason I can't sleep, no peace within
I tried to suppress it, now I can't pretend

The final nail was the silence
It left me in pieces after I went through a mileage
Knees already weak but I had to pick em up
Tried gluing it back, but ain't got any luck
Tried going after someone else
I regret cuz I felt something I never felt

Nah just fuck this
Change it

Throughout the years, many fears I had to face
We ain't speaking for some time guess you needed space
In my mind linger memories I wanna erase
That part of my life, god it was such a disgrace

I've been keeping it quiet, got me feeling like I'm mental
The only way I could speak is through an instrumental
Didn't imagine myself being so sentimental
I gotta vent if I want it quiet in my temple

Now I saw you as priceless, I was worth less to you
That put me in a state, where I didn't know what to do
I'm wrecking my mind, trying to find the clue
For what crime I did, I'm serving time cuz of you

The years have gone by and I'm always reminded
Of what could've been
Or what we could've seen
A world left unseen
But he had to intervene

Thought I would rejoice, the freedom without you near
I'm feeding the noise every day, I live in fear
Fear of another heartbreak greater than this
That is finally gonna push me into an abyss

So, meet me halfway and pls tell me something
I never treated you like you was less than nothing
Cuz I don't know if I'm built for this shit
I used all my shots and all of em bricked

Written by:
Natoli Urgessa

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ID 666

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