The Id of Adrian - Trestle Bridge

Trestle bridge
Muscles twitch
Cigarettes between our lips
At my door
Say no more
All is fair in love and war

Mom screaming
Day drinking
Not thinking
Bout the short sight
Or the long night
Come to snuff out your light

Hold on grudge
I'm no judge
Mystery drugs all in my blood
Dying art
Played my part
Did my best to beat your heart

Tears streaming
I'm dreaming
Death winking
I'm shrinking
From the truth of
All the true love
Thrown away just because

You had to leave your life behind
I thought somewhere along the line
I would find you
I cant find you
Where are you?

Written by:
Adrian Mitchell

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The Id of Adrian

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Trestle Bridge - Single Trestle Bridge - Single