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Dylan’s handwritten lyrics for “Like a Rolling Stone” hit auction

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How does it feel to be without a home? Well, for one sheet of lyrics penned by Mr Bob Dylan, the answer is: we won't know for much longer!

A new draft of the lyrics for Dylan’s iconic 1965 song “Like a Rolling Stone” are headed to auction in Los Angeles, though they’re not the very original ones. The troubadour has written a new draft this year, according to Nate D. Sanders Auctions, which has since been authenticated by his manager.

This is widely thought to only be the second time that Bob’s own scrawl of the lyrics to the classic song have been available at auction, after scribblings believed to be from an early draft were auction by Sotheby’s in London for $2.05 million.

Far from coming from “a mystery tramp” – who may well be selling only alibis – making a deal for this sheet of paper would be a coup for any collector. While the last time the “Like a Rolling Stone” lyrics were available to mere mortals they were strewn across four pages, this time they are immortalised on a single sheet, with no discernible sign of when they were written save Bob’s own signature across the bottom.

It looks like someone might throw these particular bums a dime – or a few thousand – with prices expected to hit the millions for this slice of genuine Dylan history.

Bidding for this sheet of lyrics begins at $125,000. In March 2017, handwritten lyrics to an unpublished 1961 Dylan song which extolled the virtue of Wisconsin, of all places, fetched an opening bid of $30,000, in comparison.

Also up for grabs is a signed copy of Dylan’s seminal album Blonde on Blonde, starting on a modest $5,000. The auction ends next Thursday, so make sure you get that bid in early to avoid disappointment.

After all, like Bob sang himself: “You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you.”