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New high tech speaker displays lyrics as they play

A Japanese company has made a visual lyric speaker that features a translucent screen displaying your favourite song's lyrics as it plays.

COTODAMA, the tech firm behind the device, claims it's “the first lyrical listening speaker available to the public.”
The minimally designed speakers are handmade, meaning only 15 are produced each month in Japan, and are currently only available in the US.

Perhaps the coolest thing about these speakers is that their SyncPower technology is able to analyse a song's mood which is then processed by the 'expression engine' which then chooses fonts and animations accordingly. So a slow love song might have a delicate, drifting font; while a heavy metal tune can expect something bolder and sharper. If no lyrics are found, or an instrumental song is played, the speaker shows abstract graphics that animate in sync with the music.

As can be expected from anything modern, the speakers come with their own app, and are compatible with a number of music streaming services.

There's no denying that these speakers are a music and lyric lover's dream, but at a cost of $4,500 this might not be a dream that comes true anytime soon...So, until that time, you can sate your speaker envy with the video below.