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Who is Minaj really singing about in Dip?

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Tyga is back with a new version of Dip. It seems the 28-year-old rapper is making up for the release of his anti-climatic sixth studio album, Kyoto. The album was not as impressive as its cover artwork and left much to be desired.

The rapper enlisted the assistance of Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, to bring the track to life and the lyrics have fans talking.

Who is the Anaconda artist talking about?

Well, it does seem like Minaj is referring to her longstanding differences with Cardi B, particularly their infamous altercation at the New York Fashion Week during the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party. If you remember the incident (of course you do), Cardi B was seen leaving the premises with something that looked like a bump on her head.

The rivalry that seemed to have seen its beginnings after Cardi B started achieving success over the last year is alive and kicking in the lyrics of Dip:

"Yeah I'm pulling your card though, got him calling me Ricky

All these b**ches my minis, got 'em calling me Mickey"

All that rah-rah never was the icon issue

Harper's Bazaar, I'm covering the icon issue

I got issues, yeah b**ch, I got issues

W, Vogue, Cosmo - I got issues"

But of course, the lyrics have more to say - it is after all written by the Queen of Rap. The second line seems to be calling out to women in general who are copying the Minaj style and it looks like Drake is also on the list after his somewhat criticism of her new song with Quavo, Flip the Switch.

The pair seem to have limited their public exposure together, especially after Drake claimed Minaj was using him for publicity.

In the lyrics, Minaj belts:

"All these n****s want me to love 'em like I'm Kiki

Got 'em in they feelings since they seen me in FEFE"

The reference to ‘Kiki’ is clearly a shot at Drake's viral hit In My Feelings.

Stay tuned for the entire lyrics of Dip on lyricfinder - coming soon.